Sunday, 8 November 2009

Multicultural France Kiffe Kiffe Demain

La haine is all very well as a film if you're wanting a dramatic statement but it doesn't offer much in the way of hope apart from the cool patience of Hubert which is tried to the n'th degree.   I've used the much less dramatic but probably more realistic humdrum account of daily life by Faïza Guène Kiffe Kiffe Demain which I found on the bookshelves in Cambridge a year or so ago.   The rather sarcastic voice of the author is amusing in a similar way to that in Les Petits Enfants du Siècle from the 60's when the HLMs were just going up.   In actual fact that pairing of books would make a very good cultural topic-I wonder if anyone has done just that or has found other accessible books on multicultural themes.    I did Née en France with one student but because it was written some twenty years ago it doesn't feel very up to date.  Anyway I've put up a vocab list for Kiffe Kiffe Demain on the front page of my A level French resources site  which may be of some use if you decide to get any students onto it.   The Guardian has also taken Faïza to its heart and has a number of articles profiling her and her work.  See article

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